I know how to make fishing fun for junior anglers and their family and keep things interesting. Action packed is usually key and keeping everybody reeling something in constantly will keep everybody smiling and entertained. However, some junior anglers will get on the boat and spend more time playing in the baitwell with the baitfish than fishing (even while the fishing is on fire) and that’s completely fine! When you’re a kid how many times are you allowed to stick your hand in the aquarium at home and pick up the fish? It’s all about exploring and learning.

There’s no better way to introduce your everbody in your family to fishing than taking them on one of my family friendly fishing charters The Outer Banks has an abundance of exciting fishing action for the entire family and yes every body on board gets to fish. Making memories with your kids on a family fishing charter is what it’s all about. And when your trip is over, you have pictures to last a lifetime. I have children of my own and they’ve been on the boat literally before they could even walk! They still ask me dad, “when are we going fishing again?

There will be ample opportunities to catch fish and you will see some beautiful sights.  Some common sights are huge schools of mullet getting chased by Bottlenose Dolphins, Ospreys, Pelicans, and Stingrays

Family with junior anglers fishing trips can last from 2 – 4 hours are /$300 – $425 per group for the  whole boat and just your family up to 5 persons

Arrangements will need to be made in advance for kids safety equipment. Adults / parent or guardian, must be onboard.